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Rembrandt Watercolour, akvarellset  Metal de luxe - 24 st. 1/2-koppar + mårdhårspensel
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Rembrandt Watercolour, akvarellset Metal de luxe - 24 st. 1/2-koppar + mårdhårspensel

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Contains cadmium
Avoid release to the environment. Cadmium can be taken up by plants and via the food chain this poses a serious threat to animal and human health. Must be disposed as hazardous waste.

24 half pans + reversible brush series 110 no. 6 (round model, extra fine point, red sable hair)

207 Cadmium yellow lemon
208 Cadmium yellow light
210 Cadmium yellow deep
211 Cadmium orange
227 Yellow ochre
238 Gamboge
303 Cadmium red light
306 Cadmium red deep
336 Permanent madder lake
366 Quinacridone rose
408 Raw umber
409 Burnt umber
411 Burnt sienna
416 Sepia
506 Ultramarine deep
508 Prussian blue
511 Cobalt blue
532 Mauve
534 Cerulean blue
616 Viridian
623 Sap green
662 Permanent green
645 Hooker green deep
708 Paynes Grey

Since 1899, Rembrandt water colour has grown into an indispensable brand for the professional water colourist, thanks to the excellent quality and the craftsmanship that has always been at the heart of our paint production. The wide range of 120 colours is available in tubes and pans.

Rembrandt watercolours are made in Holland of only the best materials. This professional-quality colour range is made from the purest pigments and purest quality gum arabic for brilliant and constant colours.

Highest degree of lightfastness
Very pure and intense colours
Perfectly thinnable with water
Maximum degree of transparency
Finest pigments in a pure quality of gum arabic
The complete range consists of 120 colours