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Aero Color Professional, 28ml - 041 Sky Blue
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Aero Color Professional, 28ml - 041 Sky Blue

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The 9 Candy Colours have been so popular that they are now permanently included in the range.

9 colours
Highly transparent
Ideal for bright and effect surfaces
Brilliante colours for a strong depth effect
White lable "Candy"
Water-based (not solvent-based)*
Pigment-based (no colorants)*
28 ml bottles
Perfect for the AERO COLOR® Professional Liner

* The AERO COLOR® Professional Candy colours are, as all AERO COLOR® Professional colours, water- and pigment-based + binder. This special quality feature makes the difference to other Candy colours whose recipes are mostly based on solvents and colorants.


28022 - Sunflower Yellow
28024 - Sunbeam Yellow
28026 - Yellow-Gold
28030 - Poppy Red
28033 - Flame Red
28036 - Wine Red
28041 - Sky Blue
28064 - Teak Brown
28072 - Smoke Black