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Hahnemühle Akademie
Hahnemuhle, Britannia - block 300g matt (grain fin)
Hahnemuhle, Britannia - block 300g rough
Hahnemuhle, Britannia - lösa ark 300g
Hahnemuhle, Britannia - rulle 300g
Hahnemuhle, Cornwall - block 450g matt (grain fin)
Hahnemuhle, Cornwall - block 450g rough
Hahnemuhle, Cornwall - lösa ark 450g
Hahnemuhle, Torchon - block 275g rough
Hahnemuhle, Torchon - lösa ark 275g
Hahnemuhle, Quattro - block 300g matt (grain fin)

Hahnemuhle, Torchon - lösa ark 275g

275 gsm

Acid free, Lightfast and extremely resistant to ageing.

The French word “torchon” characterizes a very coarse linen structure. So is the surface of this board. The Pads are glued and gauzed to ensure flatness when wet.

Torchon is ideal for all wet painting techniques: watercolour – especially for effects with hard-edged colours and smooth washes – and also gouache, tempera and acrylic.


Hahnemuhle Torchon, ark 275g, rough - 50x65cm
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