Brushes / daVinci Maestro2

daVinci high-quality bristle brushes
Hand-made in Germany
Made from straight bristles with the interlocking effect
Double boiled to ensure more spring and longer life
Excellent colour-carrying capacity
Stable in their shape with a reliable painting edge
Selected hairs to ensure better flags at the tip
Durable, seamless, nickel-plated brass ferrules
With deep implantations of brush heads
These brushes responds perfectly to more or less dense oil painting technique and acrylic

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daVinci Maestro2 series 5023 - Flat
daVinci Maestro2 series 7123 - Bright
daVinci Maestro2 series 7423 - Filbert
daVinci Maestro2 series 7723 - Round
daVinci Maestro2 series 7223 - Flat extra short