Oil colour / Rembrandt

The range of Rembrandt oil colours consists of 120 colours with a balanced distribution across over the various colour areas and a good balance between opaque and transparent colours.

Extra fine quality
Highest degree of lightfastness
Very pure and intense colours
Optimal colour strength with very high pigment concentration
The complete range consists of 120 colours

Rembrandt is the oldest quality brand of Royal Talens. Its history dates back to 1899, the year that the founder Marten Talens started up his family business in Apeldoorn. Rembrandt developed into one of the world’s most reputable brands of oil paints, soft pastels, acrylics and water colour for the professional artist.

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Rembrandt Artists oil - set
Rembrandt Artists oil - 40ml
Rembrandt Artists oil - 150ml