Apply for a web exhibition
Are you a professional artist and interested in exhibiting your art on the Internet? Apply for an exhibition by sending us pictures of your art and attach information about you as an artist.

No fees
We'll create your web gallery for free.

Satisfaction guaranteed
First we create a test-exhibition. Only if you are satisfied with your exhibition pages we'll make it public. If you want to add or update information later - just mail us and weŽll be happy to make the changes for you.

100% proceeds on sale
All prospective buyers of art are directed to you (via a blind email link, so your email address is never posted publicly). Therefore, all sales, shipments and deliveries are fully transacted between buyer and you which makes you eligible to earn 100% proceeds on the sale of any of your displayed works of art.

The free package contains:

Hidden costs?

  • None. The web site is financed by ads and donations.

  • No ads will be placed on your pages.

Can all artists exhibit their art at

  • All professional artists can apply for a web exhibition.

If you want to apply for an exhibition, follow these steps:

1. Send us an inquiry where you attach 12 pictures of your art you want to exhibit or a link to a homepage where you have them uploaded.
Submit to:

2. As soon as we have validated your information, you will get an e-mail in return. If we rate your submitted art as interesting, we will ask you to submit the following information:

  • Info about yourself: name and e-mail address

  • Your presentation text: e.g. art art education, exhibitions, where you have been represented etc

  • 12 pictures of your art items and one on yourself. In digital format or an internet address where you have them uploaded.

  • Info about the items:

  • The items name

  • Technique: size and medium e.g. oil, watercolors etc.

  • Motif: a short description/comment to each item

  • Price: In your preferred currency. If you have a tax obligation for selling art, the price should include tax and be specified by %.
    - currency converter here >>>

  • Information on payment methods that you accept, e.g. COD, Internet bank account, Paypal etc.

  • Other information that you prefer to be displayed.

  • The info above submitted in English

3. When you submit us the above info, you also accept the Terms & Conditions which youŽll find here >>>

4. We upload your Art Web Gallery and if you are satisfied with it we make it accessible to the public on the Internet.

Send the info above to:

Privacy policy

  • All personal information that you give us will be used in a confidential manner and treated according to Swedish Law.

  • does not disclose user-supplied information to third parties.

  • Read more about or Privacy Policy here >>>

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